McAfee Antivirus Review

McAfee is a long-standing participant in the field of antivirus. The company was founded in 1988. is also known for its firewall antispam, file encryption and public key infrastructure product lines. However, it is most well known for its anti-virus software, and is a dominant player on the market. Its security suites provide comprehensive protection against malware and viruses, and are backed up by a $1,000,000 guarantee to protect against identity theft.

All McAfee plans include a full equipped malware scanner that can block the entry of malware into your system, and kill or deter any viruses that are already present. The real-time protection engine of McAfee helps to prevent malware files from downloading and additionally, it reroutes and secures data to ensure that your online activity isn’t hacked and used against you.

McAfee scored consistently high in our tests in both the AV-Test 0-day test, as well as our malware protection test. It also scored 100% in our privacy tests.

The interface of the suite is easy to use and clear. Accessing features like parental controls and identity theft protections can be somewhat of a challenge, though. They’re siloed into separate menus on the dashboard. Support is a little difficult to access. There is a McAfee community forum is active, but you’ll need Techmaster Concierge to get help with more complicated issues.

The only big disappointment was that McAfee’s scan failed www.swiftvpnapp.com/ipv4-vs-ipv6-what-is-the-difference-anyway to clean up some junk files on our test systems. It does not permit you to drag-and-drop a file or folder into the suite to scan it like many of its competitors. This is a major problem in a security product of this price.



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