Tips for Successful Remote Business Meetings

Remote business meetings have become more common as workplaces have become more flexible. The geographical freedom to work from anywhere in the world has opened the workforce to a greater pool of talent than ever before, which includes those who may not be able to commute to work due to physical limitations or family obligations.

There are a few issues that can cause disengagement and frustration which can lead to a lack of productivity. Meetings can take a long time because of scheduling issues, time zone differences or technical issues. It is often difficult for employees to focus on their work after a long meeting.

To ensure that your remote meeting goes smoothly, you must choose the right tools, and adhere to the proper protocol. This includes using video to view everyone in the room, and following meeting etiquette such as keeping on time, not answering emails during a remote conference and refraining from distractions such as texting or multi-tasking. It’s important to provide a remote business meetings summary to attendees to keep track of actions and next steps.

It’s also important to build trust with remote employees and ensure that they feel valued. This can be done by kicking off every remote meeting with some friendly small talk such as asking employees how they’re doing or what they’ve been up to in their personal lives. This is especially effective for those who are just starting out or who are feeling a sense of loneliness and a sense of isolation working remote.



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